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Do you feel like Jamming?

Hello and welcome to the official web page of Jamboree 2005!!

What is Jamboree?

Jamboree is *the* biggest event in BEST, gathering hundreds of BESTies from all over Europe for 4 incredible days in which they share knowledge and experience, learn about each other's cultures and traditions, taste different foods and (especially!) DRINKS and enjoy the famous BEST Spirit! This year we hope to break the record and have the biggest Jam ever!

This year in Ohrid

LBG Skopje has the pleasure to organize this year's Jamboree and invites all of you, young and old BESTies (read: babies and dinosaurs) to this extraordinary event and promises an unforgettable experience!

As you already know (shame on you if you don't), this years Jamboree will be held in Ohrid, Macedonia, from 13th - 16th October 2005. Ohrid is a town 180km southwest of Skopje, on the shores of Ohrid Lake, one of the oldest lakes in Europe.


9 October 2005 There is new version 2 of the Road Trip to JAM with more images and explanations added by Andreja. You can find it on the same place - "How to get here" page.

2 October 2005 Finally the list of participants is online - check it at "Participants" link. The numbers show that there will be around 590 participants without people from Skopje.

1 October 2005 Chombe prepared for you Road Trip to JAM document with maps. You can find it at "How to get here" page.

29 September 2005 New date for alumni applications is 5th October.

28 September 2005 Added a page for alumni, since for there will be paralel Alumni Jam.

22 September 2005 Students from the new EU member countries won't need a visa to come to Jam.

9 September 2005 "How to get here" page has been updated to include more information.

8 September 2005 You can see now pictures from Eurotel if you click on the "place" link.

7 September 2005 Most of the contact persons are added.

23 August 2005 First test version of the page is online.

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