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       Among the rare species of Macedonia's fauna , the sheep dog Sharplaninec (which is hard to be found nowadays), faces total extinction. In the scientific world, the home of Sharplaninec was believed to be Asia, but further researches have let to assumptions that its original homeland was the Balkans, that the autochthony of Sharplaninec originated in the natural area of mountainous massifs in Macedonia ( Shar Planina, Korab, Stogovo, Bistra and the Mavrovo massif ). Adaptet to the severe ambiance of Macedonian mountains, merged with the eternal snow - where it feels safest - Sharplaninec has been living and surviving in this reservation for centuries. In 1939, Sharplaninec was enlisted as number 41 in the World Cynology Federation ( FCI ), where all pedigree dogs are registered.  Professional breeding of Sharplaninec in the Republic of Macedonia was first recorded in 1947 in the Stogovo mountains, among severe snowy slopes, where a farm for thoroughbred Sharplaninec was erected.       
       The farm was owned by the Cattlebreeding Cooperative in the village of Gari. For years, purebred dogs of the Sharplaninec breed were being sold from this farm. During the late 50's, these dogs the world cynology market is always open for, where more and more disseminated, rather than properly bred. 
In the 60's, the first farm for purebred Sharplaninec class vanished from Stogovo along with sheep herds. Sharplaninec was increasingly becoming almost non-existent among sheep herds in Bistra and Shar Planina, as were stud farms, mules and donkeys.  The typical metal-deep and resounding bark of the mountain pearl Sharplaninec could hot be heard so frequently any more. Left only to be selected by the reselling eves of those whose care for the future of Sharplaninec was the least, the dog was endangered to become totally extinct. 
      In the period of the dog vanishing from this soil , its price on the world market used to soar up to US$ 1000.  In those years, the first farm for Sharplaninec dogs on the American continent was founded in the United States - Ohio, and today these dogs arethe most esteemed and demanded as keepers of sheep, facilities- and personalites, too. 

      Still, man did not allow this sheep-dog breed to become extinct in its native surroundings. After Gari, the second farm " KORAB " for breeding Sharplaninec was " set to operation " in the Skopje - Katlanovo area in 1976, owned by Nacko Savovski from Skopje. In a large area of Katlanovo ( 3500 sqare meters)  the dogs are enabled to live in a naturally organized environment.   She farm is registered at FCI under the number 1988 and is one of a few in the Republic of Macedonia. The life line of Sharplaninec is thus extended. The " KORAB " farm cooperates with all cattle breeding farms in the Republic of Macedonia and elsewhere. Instead of being available in Shar Planina, now purebred sheep-keeper dogs are heading back toward Korab, Bistra, Shar Planina, Stogovo, etc. 

       Sharplaninec dogs are renown for their ability to cope well in their inherent environment. That's why I have them moved from Katlanovo toward all mountain massifs in the Republic of Macedonia during the year. Shatplaninec's interminable loyalty for its master also makes the dog very famous. I have not had a single scratch from any Sharplaninec during all these years, and among the dogs from "KORAB", my children can be considered safest. When it "hates", Sharplaninec is able to cruch anything in its way. When it loves, it makes up various games so that it can be closer to man. I believe that only in cooperation with cattle breeding farms life of Sharplaninec can be prolonged. Anyhow, that's the aim of the existence of the farm.These faithful dogs are the real masters of the mildness in their authentic setting and only the eagles from Stogovo, which inviolably rule the heaven's blueness over Western Macedonia, are alike.