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                               Savovski Nacko from Skoje, Macedonia, is the owner of breeding farm "KORAB" FCI No. 1988 which breeds  theSharplaninec. He is President of the Commission for protection and promotion of the Sharplaninec breed, established by the Cynological Society of Republic of Macedonia. He is also hronological referee for the Sharplaninec breed. 
    The breeding farm "KORAB" has been continually operating and breeding the Sharplaninec breed since 1975. Since June 1985 it is officially registered at the FCI under the name " KORAB ". In the past period the breeding farm " KORAB " has used 32 breeding females, of which 28 have a full genealogy, and 4 have partial genealogy. The females have been mated with 15 different males, 10 of which have a full genealogy, and 5 partial genealogy. The mating nas resulted with 322 dogs.

      Detailed information aboth this breed available at tel. 77 77 22,  fax 73 30 20, or the address "Prolet # 10/1", Skopje Republic of Macedonia. 
e-mail address: sharplaninec@unet.com.mk