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Written by:
Mishel Pavlovski

I don't intend to bring here all the untruths and maliciousness that, according to the special "Nova Makedonija" correspondent Emilio Paskuchi, were broadcast by the official Italian television RAI 3, in the program (ironically!) dedicated to Kosovo.  And I don't intend to comment the lack of information of the Italian Embassy in Skopje, asked about whether what was broadcast on the state Italian television is Rome's official stance.  I don't even want to debate with the Macedonian Government spokesman who, asked  if Macedonia will make a diplomatic intervention regarding this question, laconically replied: "No."
I only want someone to explain to me -- who should I trust: Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi who, during his recent visit to the Republic of Macedonia could not find enough words to praise the Macedonian-Italian relations and Italy's wish for those relations to strengthen, or the RAI 3 program, according to which Italy has diplomatic relations and friendly tiels with a country in which everything is upside-down!  Above all, of course, the minority issue!
I don't want to talk here even about "Republika," which says that "Macedonia does not exist" and that "the Albanians are second-class citizens."  "Republika," unlike RAI is a private newspaper and it can sell its journalistic space and reputation to whomever it likes.

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