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Welcome to Mi-An on-line page. Here you can read highlights from newsmagazine The Macedonian Times, as well as full content of book Macedonia Yesterday and Today
Highlights from the past issues of 
The Macedonian Times:
  Macedonia Yesterday and Today
Lack of Information?   The Youngest State in Europe
Chupovski Map   Geographical Location: Europe, the Balkans, Macedonia
If Europe Loses Macedonia   The Pre-Slavic Period
  Pre-Slavic culture in Macedonia
  The Slavs in the Balkans
    Slavic Literacy
    Bogomilism in Macedonia
    The Empire of Samuil
    Macedonia and Byzantium
    Macedonia and Serbia
    Macedonia Under the Ottoman Empire
    The Macedonian Church
    The Terms Macedonia and the Macedonians From the Middle Ages and Beyond
    Macedonia on Coats of Arms and in Itineraries
    The Cultural History of Macedonia
    The Berlin Treaty
    The Ilinden Uprising and the Krushevo Republic
    The Partition of Macedonia
    Macedonia in the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
    The Macedonian Economy, past and Present
    Contemporary Macedonian Culture