(Nela is seating on the bench, starring far away, as if she were looking in a second, invisible moon. Meanwhile, on the sky, behind her, the real moon rises:  round, mysterious, and - full moon. Different shapes are appearing on it's pale surface. They get sharpened and one can tell there are different people's faces of the moon, looking towards us...) 
(Nela gets nervous. She stands up, upset) 

NELA: Are there so many of us? And I thought, that I am the only one in this world. 

(From behind the twin-puppet Toto appears. He approaches Nela. Looks at her. Nela, too, looks at the puppet. Nela seats on the bench. Toto stands at her knee and gives her  a hug. ) 

(On the moon's surface, Nela's absent face appears. Her face gets a sad, comforting smile. As if it were her reflection on the big  round Moon's mirror)