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”TANEC” is a name that for five decades has been a symbol of the Macedonian culture and arts, five decades of its existence has been an Ambassador and presenter of the Macedonian folk creation with us and all the continents of the globe.

For five decades it has been a mobile museum of that which represents the most beautiful, ancient, invaluable, Macedonian folklore treasure, being an identity and history of the Macedonian people.

The Ensemble of folklore dances and songs of Macedonia “TANEC” was founded by the point out of the Government of the people’s Republic of Macedonia in 1949, as a need of the Macedonian culture, having it as an aim to collect and cherish the Macedonian folklore treasure; the dance, the song, the instruments, the rich original costumes and to present it in the country and out of her through concerts, festivals and other performances in the cultural field.

Besides cherishment of the folklore creation, the Ensemble “TANEC” has through successful choreographic settings, already for five decades recur rented the people’s customs, dances, songs and costumes into a picturesque colour and sophisticated expression of dancing, singing and presentation of the splendid original costumes made decades and decades before, now presenting a fetish of the Macedonian culture.

By a high artistic presentation of these choreographic settings, the Ensemble “TANEC” for years has had a kind of a spell upon the audience.

During its five decade existence, out of a particular importance is the first showing - up out of Macedonia, precisely at the international festival in Llangollen - England in 1950, and achievement of the first prize, being a historical event to the Ensemble, as well as to the Macedonian culture. In fact this event is a confirmation of the Ensemble in the successful presentation of the Macedonian folklore treasure.

During the fifty years’ presentation of the folklore creation with us and in the world the Ensemble of folklore dances and songs of Macedonia “TANEC” - Skopje has taken part at over 3500 concerts, festivals and other cultural performances, with over eight million people of the audience. As to the successfulness of this presenter of ours witness a great number of prizes, degrees, papers of thankfulness and recognitions achieved on different cases, concerts and sim. among which the Republic prizes of “11th October”, “Kliment Ohridski” and “13th November” of the city of Skopje.

As a proof of the artistic quality of the dancing, singing, music and colourity of the costumes have been the great number of praising critics, affirmative writings and articles of the top experts in the field of folklore in various of magazines, radio and television programmes and similar, a part of which we issue in this monography.

During the mentioned passed decades the programmes have covered a big number of folklore dances, songs, customs from various regions of Macedonia, among which “Teskoto” as a symbol of the Macedonian dance, “Nevestinsko”, “Komitsko”, “Chifte”, “Kalajdzisko”, “Tresenica”, “Osogovka”, “Drachevka” and many others, being only a part of everything at disposal of the Ensemble and the Macedonian treasure resort.

In its noble cultural mission the Ensemble “TANEC” has been in a constant and tight cooperation with the Macedonian emigrants abroad. In that direction there have been organised a great number of concerts in all the countries where Macedonian emigrants live.

The Ensemble “TANEC” continuously help the cultural-artistic associations in the country and abroad in the way of a qualified set-up and pass-over of the dancing tradition.

The Ensemble for folklore dances and songs in Macedonia “TANEC” as an organisation of a particular social interest in the cultural branch, even furthermore in future period will go ahead with its noble cultural mission in the cherishing and presentation of the Macedonian folklore creation in the Republic of Macedonia and out of her. On its repertoire it will set- up new choreographies on dances from various regions of Macedonia. As a part of the Macedonian folklore tradition are the town song and dance upon which in the forthcoming period a greater attention will be paid, i.e. assemblies will be formed to cherish and present this wonderful Macedonian song.

Within the Ensemble of “TANEC” the child-youth studio has been reactivated in which from earliest age the children develop the feeling of love towards the cherishment and presentation of the folklore creation

The youth-child studio presents a school for folklore dancers who, though their work programme develop themselves up to top professionals. This small “TANEC” in the forthcoming period is to participate at concerts, festivals and other manifestations here and abroad.

In the forthcoming period the Ensemble “TANEC” is to start with a publication activity. Under work out is the material for video, audio and compact disc with choreographies and musical work out of dances and songs out of the Ensemble repertoire.

By an aim to be kept of fall-out, and at the same time to enrich the fund of folklore costumes there is anticipated an act of buying the original costumes from various regions of Macedonia.

The Ensemble “TANEC” is going to be an organiser of a line of seminars for people in charge of the dancing cultural-artistic associations. Since the formation and up to the present time in the Ensemble has actively been involved over 200 employees.

Today the Ensemble of folklore dances and songs of Macedonia “Tanec” consist of 42 regularly, or from time to time employed in the artistic part (9 from outside) as well as 9 employed involved into the realisation of the programme who are a guarantee of the successful presentation of the Macedonian folklore creation.

I use this very rare possibility to express my deep respect and gratitude to the pioneer founders of the Ensemble “TANEC” who are mentioned throughout the Monography. I express a deep respect and gratitude to all of them who were and are still involved in the successful work of the Ensemble.

Certainly about these successes of the Ensemble at the present time we were not to talk if during these fifty years of the existence this Ambassador of the Macedonian culture had not been helped by a great number of organizations, institutions and individuals from our country and out of her. Therefore I use this opportunity to express gratitude to all that have by all their hears given help and still help the Ensemble “TANEC”

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