05.10.'05 /wednesday/

20:00 h.

scuare "Macedonia"


No War! In the difficult times in which our society finds itself, this is the most frequently uttered slogan on the planet.

No War! Of course we agree. However, is it enough to simply shout “No War!”? We, the fortunate, who live in a society whose streets are not occupied by soldiers and where we do not end the day counting the number of neigh bours who have been killed, are caught unaware by “No War” as we sit enjoying a cozy dinner with our partner or as we sit in our cars waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, or during the monthly demonstration in our city streets we almost feel obliged to participate in.

No War! Past, present and future.

In this street theatre performance the Semola Teatre tries to make us think about all those situations in which people should say NO.

This is our personal war for disarmament of the injustices which every day bring us closer to the most absolute alienation from our primary values.

It is a performance without text , entertaining and ironic but especially optimistic. The actors and musicians come together in a location full of magic and aim to give the audience a feeling of hope that this world can continue to survive!


creation and artistic director:

Joan Grau


technical director -set designer:

Fina Sola


assistant director -choreographer:

Isnel Dasilveira

light and sound design:

Sиmola Teatre

Audiovisual Montage:

Pere Teixidor -Pep Cumeras


Laura Gutierrez


international distribution:

Frans Brood Productions