04.10.'05 /tuesday/

19:30 h.

Macedonian National Theatre


“Little prince” as a theatre play – undoubtedly many visitors are wondering how is it possible to perform on scene this favorite tiny book. Roberto Ciulli and Maria Neumann have done a great job in the experimental play performed by two actors. They didn’t hold on, literally to the basic concept or fulfill the cliches.

Whoever had in front of him the poetic text by Antoine de Saint – Exupery and his illustrations, during the performance of the play of the Theaters Mulheim of Ruhr in Freundl Halle will be faced with an anti-concept that remains loyal to the basic idea of the text. The little prince is not played by a blond mild boy but a drunk and melancholic old clown with messy gray hair. Roberto Ciulli fits perfectly in the role, skillfully using his Italian dialect, with the aim to accent and to charm the audience. The role of the clown freely allows the insertion of pantomime elements.

The choice of the clown as a carrier of the message seems inevitable in every respect. In accordance with the author’s intention in this character there is a merge of child naivete and adult rationality. Ciulli’s colleague Maria Neumann, takes over the other roles in a not less skillful way, from the pilot, through the lonely king and all the way to the awfully vain flower that embodies girl’s coquetry and the merciless unyieldingness. The edifying story in this realization cannot be experienced so tenderly as the writer’s story although the central allegories must be present in this interpretation. In spite of the possible irritation the audience recognize the well-known message: “One can see only with the heart. The essential is invisible for the eyes.” 

Gudrun Bergman


A. de Saint-Exupery



Roberto Ciulli



Roberto Ciulli

Maria Neumann