25.09.'05 /sunday/

21:30 h.

Macedonian National Theatre

The play “Kraljevo” by Miroslav Krlezha, directed by Gradimir Goyer and staged at the Sarajevo National Theatre cannot be experienced as integral spectacle of theater colors and stage glow identifying it with the “Kraljevo” directed by Dino Radojevich. They are two different approaches on two different time scales.

While the simultaneous action in the play performed by the Gavela Drama Theatre once was untouchable idealism, Goyer’s optics is overwhelmed with poetical relations in the sense of Legend by Krlezha. Goyer doesn’t write texts; he collages them the same way the experts on Krlezha recommend... They say that in this case, this is not a concrete canonic entirety, but a poetic material which theatre entireties are made of.

This show was made by the core of the poetic essence of Miroslav Krlezha, but with strong beliefs in my actors as the highest principle of both the modern theatre and the theatre in general.

This play’s synthetic nature is made by its figurativeness, artistic energy and brilliant text, which was not ruined by age, on the contrary it was enriched by it.

Prof. dr. Zehra Kreho, dramaturg


M. Krlezha



Gradimir Gojer


set and costumes:

Vanja Popovich


Zehra Kreho


Zelo Jusich


Miljenko Vikich

language consultant:

Suzana Nikolich



Izudin Bajrovich

Ermin Sijamija

Mediha Musliovich

Mirvad Kurich

Nisveta Omerbashich

Hasija Borich

Ejla Bavchich

Emina Muftich

Sanela Pepeljak

Irena Mulamuhich

Tahir Nikshich

Zoran Bechich

Vladimir Jokanovich

Vuchen Bijelac

Alen Muratovich

Sead Bejtovich

Mirza Tanovich

Dushan Bugarin

Misho Mrvaljevich

Suada Ahmetashevich

Alija Aljovich

Amina Begovich

Suada Basarich

Nela Gjenisijevich

Alena Gjebo

Samra Mlinar

Ahmed Duvnjak

Velimir Vojinovich

Mujo Redzepovich

Adrian Scrimint

Vezir Babajich



Miroslav Vuletich

Elvir Solak

Asim Kreso

Dzemal Imamovich

Malik Dubravich

Eldin Huseinbegovich

Mario Katavich


members of the ballet ansamble of the National Theatre:

Slobodan Zigich

Muhamed Jamakovich

Narcis Shehovich

Sandro Shehovich

Reuf Muftich

Asad Bahtijarevich