30.09.'05 /friday/

19:30 h.

Childrens Theatre Centre


How is it possible to create a final examination performance with a class of 9 girls and 5 boys and at the same time to be able to give almost equal assignments to everybody? Furthermore, the show will be something more than just a final examination. We all wanted a show that will express student’s views of the world they live in. Encouraged by the two Macedonian-French-German workshops, held in Skopje and Paris, where a part of the class participated, we’ve fantasized for a real theatre workshop, a creative challenge where the text is only a starting point…

...At times the show seemed like a house of cards which falls apart in the moment when you think it is over. We arranged and rearranged it, trying to bring more life and less literature in it...

...Why “Contamination Kolyada”? First of all, because we followed Plautus principle, who created his comedies by “borrowing” plots, scenes and characters from other authors and adapted them in the kettle of his creativity.

Beside this, we were all contaminated (infected) by Kolyada, who is undoubtedly contiminated by the best Russian playwright A.P. Chekhov....

...And finaly, because one cannot belong to the theatre without being contaminated.

Vladimir Milchin


N. Kolyada


prof. Vladimir Milchin

ass. Suzana Kirandziska



Marjan Nekak

costumes and set:

Marija Papuchevska

Krste Dzidrov



Jasmina Micovska

Gorast Cvetkovski

Sashko Kocev

Sonja Stamboldzioska

Neda Nikolik

Slavisha Kajevski

Nikola Projchevski

Daniela Stojkovska

Stojan Velkov

Maja Nastevska

Blagica Trpkovska

Ilina Chorevska