24.09.'05 /saturday/

19:30 h.

Macedonian National Theatre

The director Jaka Ivanc opted for various decisive cuts: he abridged the text significantly and gave body to the persons who in the original text exist only as fictive voices. Instead on the torture, most palpable on the level of the language, he concentrated on the depiction of a helpless person, condemned in advance to defeat. The result is – also because of the “added” lyrical scenes, the intensive musical inserts and the chorus of the voices – a fragile and lyrical performance.

(Andrej Jakliи, Slovenske novice, 02.12.’04)


Jaka Ivanc is staging his “possible” Kaspar, deliberately and reliably. In a fragmentary (“sentence based”) dramaturgy of a text “negating” any dramatic action, he found an authentic dramatic “story” and staged it vigorously. To put it more precisely: in Handke’s “Sprechstuck” he found the very source of the dramatic, hidden in elementary speech acts or specific replicas separated from the context. They embody psychology, ideology and poetry and represent in themselves all that is compulsory in Handke’s theatre. Everything else is theatre, up to each artist in a process of new and new stagings of Kaspar.

(Blaz Lukan, Delo, 30.11.’04)




P. Handke


Directed by:

Jaka Ivanc


Jera Ivanc

Set design:

Damijan Cavazza

Jaka Ivanc

Costume designer:

Alan Hranitelj


Davor Herceg


Tanja Zgonc



Ivan Peternelj

Zeljko Hrs

Sabina Kogovshek (g)

Marko Mlaenik

Romana Shalehar

Marinka Shtern