02.10.'05 /sunday/

19:30 h.

Macedonian Opera and Ballet


The inspiration for this show is the great American ballerina Isadora Duncan, who lived at the beginning of the 20-th century.

The plot begins with the arrival of Isadora in Moscow and her meeting with the great Russian poet Sergey Essenin. He admires her and his courtship wakes up her passion. Their relationship ends in marriage and their communal spirit is supported by the physical attraction, the unconventionality of the way they demonstrate their art and the ideas for equality of all people (communism).

They are not silent social beings at all, but loud beasts whose work always, without exception, raises great fuss...

Therefore, their life is under continuous surveillance by the eyes of the public. Essenin’s poetic genius enters the shadow of indifference and his tendency to drink....

Isadora struggles both with him and the society. She begins to ask herself: “What am I doing here?”, “Who am I?”, “Art or Love?”

She doesn’t want to waste herself in this barren soil and decides to leave Essenin...

libretto, choreography

and direction:

Olga Pango



Kaliopi Bukle

set design

and costumes:

Blagoj Micevski

choreography ass.:

Anton Batalakov


Iskra Paskalova



Sasha Evtimova

Vasil Zafirchev

Biljana Kalenikova

Dafina Daniloska,

Stefan Kochevski

Lile Milenkovska

Maja Mitrovska