03.10.'05 /monday/

21:30 h.

Youth Cultural Center


What lays beneath the urge to hide under a pseudonym, if with the blessing given by the godfather, by birth took his native, own, honorable and always pretty, the one that along with the passing of the time and life, would enter in the wrinkles and physiognomy and then for such and such we claim without delay, pointing a finger at him: “That man’s name is Ingmar Vilkvist, that’s his name and he cannot be called otherwise accept exactly such and such... not to pronounce with difficulties again!

We cannot imagine Ingmar Vilkvist (1960) as a professor at the Art Academy in Warsaw or as a founder of the Cricket theatre in the native Chorzow (Poland) or as a Polish writer who has substituted the glory of his name and his country with some other false name and false native country.

Because: instead of that, Jaroslaw Swierszcz chose the possibility of choice.

So, Jaroslaw Swierszcz chose freedom! The one that Andrich wrote about, unfortunately belated wisdom, that he never signed his books under pseudonym and thus inhaled complete freedom, deprived of all the unpleasantness of the profane everyday event.

Because as a cosmopolitan, the whole world is his native country and as a writer that brings his own mark in the Borhes’ library, every name is his name, because the book doesn’t care who writes it anyway.

Because of that: besides that – let’s be practical! for someone who responds at: “Hey, Jaroslaw Swierszcz!” and wants an international reception, of course its important to take some other name that opens all the doors and no one would avoid its pronunciation at any price. Scandinavian – let’s say Vilkvist!

Zlatko Topchich, manager and artistic director


I. Vilkist



Dino Mustafich



Kemal Hrustanovich


Ljubica Ostojich


editing and correction:

Farah Tahirbegovich

expert consultant:

prof. d-r. Boro Djukanovich


Musret Keman

director and art director:

Zlatko Topchich



Mirjana Karanovich

Ermin Bravo