29.09.'05 /thursday/

19:30 h.

Macedonian National Theatre


It’s ok, the guns went off and there was a lot of gunfire on the MNT-Drama stage.

This is the beginning, the theatre as the highest spiritual category has started and if this is the beginning of something, it means that it will be present in the next seasons on this stage.

Slobodan Unkovski entered MNT after 15 years. He set “Darkness” by Kole Chashule, anthological text from the Macedonian dramaturgy, as Unko himself would say “Darkness” is a paradigm, it’s our Rubik’s cube, because the more you read it, the more layers appear; and the more you “peel it” its different and full of new energies.

With “Darkness” Unko to MNT brought new energy as a hurricane that knocks you out with the strength of the questions from the text by Chashule, which in this play are presented to the public. This is a play where there isn’t an inch of empty space...

...”Darkness” by Unko says: patriotism?...you’ll kill anybody for money. Which suitcase full of money? For a whole fridge in which the money and the drugs are kept cold.

It’s a painful question: What happens when a man shoots his own ideal? There is no such romanticism anymore. Everybody got shot on Unko’s stage.

Who knows if there is anything left to kill?

Cvetanka Zojchevska “Darkness” brought back the theatre


Kole Chashule



Slobodan Unkovski



Meta Hochevar


Jelena Prokovich



Nikolina Kujacha

Emil Ruben

Jovica Mihajlovski

Jordan Simonov

Toni Mihajlovski

Oliver Mitkovski

Daniela Stojkovska