Mladinski Theatre - Slovenia
MNT Theatre Centre - 19:00

The decisive factor in this Slovenian staging is doubtlessly the direction procedure of Tomi Janezich. At the very beginning, the director ventured upon an extremely risky dialogue with Chekhov, deciding on fatal slowness as the prime characteristic of the life philosophy he approached with deepest respect. The pauses abound in context that surpasses the power of things uttered, with the audience focussed upon silence and sensing moving qualities therein. Janezich’s psychological verism does not allow even a tinge of exaltation.
With all kinds of fireworks shooting every which way above the stage, it was a light show that certainly delighted. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s really wonderful...!”.

Everything addresses us through small, barely open doors, and thus the actors mostly speak quietly, on the verge of clarity. As if everything were not taking place because of the audience, but sprang from an inner personal need. The acting is indeed a special, and an extremely successful feature of the project. Although the intonation has been brought to a common overtone, each of the present has found a small, privileged space for individual expression. And this takes place in an unusually convincing, yet entirely unimposing manner. We witness a vision of a lifeness realized which, despite glowing on the distant edge, becomes incredibly close and moving nonetheless.

Mateja Recer, Marusha Geumayer - Oblak, Barbara Krajnc, Iva Babic, Romana Shalaher, Janja Majzelj, Urosh Machek, Primoz Ekart, Sebastian Cavazza, Robert Prebil, Sandi Pavlin, Ravil Sultanov, Jadranka, Tomazic, Marinka Shtern.