(...) The story evolves around four people and the relation that connects them, and there is everything going on among them, from sex to death. The subject is a bit apocalyptic, although the point is not logical but global.

The dramatic structure of the play goes in reverse direction. When you reach the end, while reading, practicaly you are at the beginning of the stiry. (...)

This time I threat time differently. This is the very point of the play. The drama is devided into two parts. The first begins where the story ends, and the second ends somewhere in the middle of the story. Everything is within one circle. (...)

Dejan Dukovski, playwright

(...) Dukovski as Checkov of the 21th century succeeds in presenting the drama of post transitional Macedonia, Skopje without using major events, without great passions, throughout 10 scenes of fascinating dialog. One jolly tragedy of our destruction. In contrast to his other plays, in this one the events had already happened, living irreversible consequences. There are only four character, each of them at different age and bearing distinctive consiquences of everything we have survived. (...)

Slobodan Unkovski, direcor