Turkish Drama - MK
Youth Cultural Center - 20:00

And still, I contemplate over the idea of amalgamating the magic and science the way Prospero, Miranda, Ariel and Caliban played by actresses did.

Do the acting of the women actors recalls the world of mystique regime? The old or the new one? And the roll of Prospero and Caliban played by women must be considered from different point of view. Is the tempest provoked by the automatic washing machine the tempest in the world provoked by the technology?  Finally what is the irony of this performance? It must amalgamate every aspect.

Thorn in the dichotomy of the old world order and imposing the order of the new one, the theatre decided to use the alternative and experimental ways and to launche a voyage, presenting Tempest in a different dimension...

I have to mention the extraordinary music of Kiril Dzaykovski that floated as a lamentable elegy on the stage.”

“... Will a human being who gets its freedom / its long wanted identification, identify the concept of liberty and love in the world in which it feels restricted, surrounded with mistrust, manipulation, misunderstandings?...“ 

Saletin Bilal, Tamer Ibrahim, Bedia Begovska, Atila Klinche, Eljesa Kaso, Mustafa Jashar, Nesrin Tahir, Dzenap Samet, Suzan Akbelge, Filiz Ahmet.