Les Commandos Percu - France
Square Macedonia - 19:30

Drums at night, fire in the sky.

The performers underscored the visual experience with steady and furious percussion.

With all kinds of fireworks shooting every which way above the stage, it was a light show that certainly delighted. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s really wonderful...!”.

Here is a show that shakes certain prejudices about musical fireworks. The Fire Concert is above all a concert of percussions, a musical performance: fire starts with the music, which is by turns massive and powerful, subtle and light. After they crossed the crowd, the Commandos Percu get on the stage and start with the fire a dialogue made of rhythms and joyful explosions. The shouts of the audience mark the rhythm the giant drums pulses in a volcanic finale on the stage.

Guillaume Pujor, Stephane Augier, Laurent Macaux, Raymond Gabriel, Bernard Graell
Jallal Lahouti, Jerome Lafont, Fabien Columbier, Fatima Guevara