A morbid quartet. Balkan blues is a morbid, bizarre, dark story about the girl Zozo, a victim of the tradition and of the strange, perverted mentality, in which all events, with out exception, seem as if extracted from the dark chronicles in the daily newspapers.

(...) But, this Balkan blues would not be possible without the existence of the other side, the other world and system.

(...) Finally, globalization is a black hole that compromises both the poor and the rich. That’s why “Final Countdown” is a play with universal massages and meanings. It warns and signalizes. The human civilization dangerously threatens itself. In the era of an unpredictable development of communications, the human is lonely as never before. The multitude of violence, aggression, frustrations and no-way-out is simply striking. This is a common characteristic of the “dramaturgy of the Wild East”, represented, mainly, by the playwrights of East Europe.