Theatre could serve as a painkiller, or as a enhancer, as a penicilin shot, viagra, .... The recipe is not prescribed its being recommended...

we are in constant quest of something that will echo as a constant in the theatre, in our alchemistic labaratories. We are bot to be satisfied with the Placebo effect. Double or nothing. This year`s search takes us back in time, in attempt of reaching various feelings.

Without prejudice. With a pure heart.

Every new generation belives that it will be the one that deconstructs the world`s absurd face. But does one have the power to see the problem. Maybe. But is the full capacity of our sences searching, for this quest. Probably not. The time has come for code searching, code breaking, which sould bring the absurdity closer. Accept our offer for a sincere and necessary embrace on the edge of the fourth wall. Stronger than the previous one and a challenge for the next.

Welcome to our session. Strip ypur egos and your price, let MOT tatto you, let it under your skin. Those who are already marked know well what we are referring to, as for the rest of you... welcome. This fall for the 29th time we are to present latest European theatre streams on the palm of your hand. Together we will try to make a spiritual explosion starting in the center of the city, expanding in concentric circles to the theatres in Skopje. With fire and rhythm we will make this ritual happen with joined forces. Lets go back in time, time without plastic feelings and lets refresh our ancient connection. Man-theatre-the sky.

Together we will reach the critical mass, the point of melting. Lets bring the theatre where it belongs, in the spotlight, on the square .... On The new square with the old friend from ... France, Belgium, Slovenia, Serbia and Monte Negro, Lithuania, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria ....

MOT is a proud product of and for the culture of Republic of Macedonia.

We are together in this ...
Jasmina Popovska
Manager of Youth Cultural Centre


We are not the anymore. Our "extended memory" as a self-repetition was more than just a omen: What kind of MOT (Theatre!) our time needs? One worthy of it, able to express and represent it - here and now, on its own ground - and to pave the way for future changes.

A festival like MOT, first and foremost is an invitation to confront variour artistic options and creative sensitivity that throws even minimal light in the world today and direct us to understand human and cultural relations in time with political, economical and technologival wave rings.

There are couple of years behind us with many problems on the Balkans, but now we are full with optimism, and would love to bring back the positive energy on the theatre stage. This is our message to all our friends, who belive in The Power of theatre, who love MOT, and who will come again in Macedonia to perform their plays in front of the unique audience that becomes a part of the shows.

Now it is time again for - MOT . As in the past and for the future, with hope and imagination, open for everything expressed on the margins of the predominant trends, we choose to seek for theatre experiences that are out of the known codes and out of the good trod road of the European and Macedonian theatre.

Ljubisa Nikodinovski - Bis, MA
Artistic Director of MOT