Vienne, Austria

Youth Cultural Centre 22.00 pm

Tanz*Hotel/ Art*Act Society was founded by Bert Gstettner, dancer and choreographer, in Vienna in 1992. Situated in the lofts of a former factory in Favorlten, Vienna’s 10th district, Tanz*Hotel serves as home for art and offers room for training, rehearsal and workshops. Tanz*Hotel unfolds its full performance in the preparation and realization of performances and projects of contemporary dance with an interdisciplinary setting. With its five-pointed star Tanz*Hotel is label for the creations initiated and choreographed by Bert Gstettner in collaboration with dancers, composers, musicians and designers of visual and applied arts.

Helmut Ploebst, "Salzburger Nachrichten"
" Rooms, danced and sounded"
Even more effective seemed the improvisation Suite*Act 1, work of the Viennese Ensemble Tanz*Hotel under the choreographer Bert Gstettner. Robert Spour, piano and Christian Fennesz on the music-computer insert sounds and ringings into a hotel-suite like Black Box, where initially some dancers have the sensation of boredom. As if they were just passing time they start to dance, reminding one another of different dance-styles, inventing absurd sceneries: a toe-shoed ballerina in a large overall of plastic jumps over the stage, with a laughter close to madness, from the distance the Kosovo-War-flashes...

Ursula Kneiss, "Der Standard”"
" “Excess of Symmetry”"
In Pla*t*eau Bert Gstettner dressed four female dancers in costumes prolonging the body-forms…pushed them through the space in geometric formations… maintained the character of performance and placed Dietmar Bruckmayr as excessively yelling and gasping counter-part.