Paris, France

Youth Cultural Centre 20.00 pm

The troupe of L’Attrape Theatre was formed 1987 by the director Christophe Thiry. They have in their dossier over ten performances which they have performed in France and abroad. Christophe Thiry is young director who doesn’t lack in originality and talent. His originality consists in the choice of the plays for the performance: three short and seldom performed pieces, written by Molière in the period between 1650 and 1667. These short plays are forerunners of the comedies which Molière wrote later. Christophe Thiry has not only joined three texts which testify the spiritual attitude of Molière towards love, but has also made one whole in which as the press say the joints are just slightly visible. You can fell the intelligent and shaded work of the director.

“Le Figaro Scope” Christophe Thiry misuses the effects and requisites and does everything to make the audience laugh.

“La Marseillaise” Actors dressed in simple costumes from the 17th century dance, jump, in one inventive decor consisting of stairs with many functions. We can just applaud actors’ work and inventive work of the director.