Braunschweig, Germania

Youyh Cultural Centre 20.00 pm

Timbuktu mixed media performance

Belinda Duschek: voice, stones, water
Elke Utermohlen: voice, sand, water
Stephen Buchanan: sax, guitar, electric tapdance
Martin Slawig: sampler, computer, sound installation
Voice, objects, live-electronics: Elke Utermohlen
objects, live-electronics: Martin Slawig

The actors as guinea pigs, explorers of the desert, questioners of self. Meeting in a fictitious room where gravity is lifted off its hinges, a sound laboratory where remants of nature are beeing interviewed and give answers The stage as an experimental array designed to investigate the laws of human unrest, to inquire into the correlation between movement and life, to translate into action fictions about the limitations of being.