Zagreb, Croatia

Youth Cultural Centre 22.00 pm

performed by Zeljko Vukmirica
devised, directed and written by: Zeljko Vukmirica, Matko Raguz, Pavlica Bajsic
sound engineer: Ivan Marusic Klif
music: Igor Pavlica and Ivan Marusic Klif
lighting: Dusan Mirilovic
executive producer: Maja Juric

We often walk by Mr. Single. In a world of his own. His head slightly bowed, contemplating the geometry of his steps. Unchanged for years. The geometry of everyday. Even eagerly awaited Sundays do not affect the pattern of his weeks. Sunday, the day when clocks slow down and time expands. The day when Mr. Single becomes Don Quixote standing before the windmills of solitude. His lance is his imagination, spurred by the banal. Radio, newspapers, television. His shield is his longing for that "ideal something", the Dulcinea of his heart and soul. Both lance and shield fall before the abyss of the invincible, relentless and galloping Monday. The sounds of this lonely battle, a battle he cannot win, become a signifying and generally recognizable language. Mr. Single becomes "Mr. Single". Zeljko Vukmirica as Mr. Single, delivers this story without a plot, this speech without words, in a journey through time and space with eruptive energy. Offering us a geometry of universal solitude.
Pavlica Bajsic

Press cuttings:
"EXIT has produced yet another hit of high artistic standards, a show whose honesty goes straight to the head Vukmirica's one-an show, the interaction of a man and his solitude, is a virtuoso treat of a performance which once again proves that real theatre can be devoid off everything, but an actor. And naturally, an audience!"
V. Kolarovic, Glas Istre

Using his acting powers alone and a made up language, the master of acting Vukmirica has produced and unusual, powerful, and most of all, disturbing show." Z. Ciglar, Vecernji List

"The performances on EXPO in two days have attracted so much attention, that people wanted an extra seat." Jutarnji List