Istanbul, Turkey

Theatar for Youth and Children 20.00 pm

The “Studio Players” was founded by Sahika Tekand and Esat Tekand as the performance branch of their “Studio for Actors and Artists”. The group performed their first play in 1990. In 1998 October the group was invited and participated in the 23th MOT International Theatre Festival - The Theatre at the Crossroads towards 2000 - in Macedonia (Skopje) and Balkan Young Theatre Festival in Bulgaria with “Becoming a rhinoceros” which is written and directed by Sahika Tekand.

From the Director’s notes from “Five short plays”

* The play Breath lasts about one minute... The only two elements live on stage are time and space ... No players ... The stage must remain wrapped in time and vision - only them - stripped naked in their simplicity... There is the sound ... The tape recording...
* ACT WITHOUT WORDS 1, ACT WITHOUT WORDS 2, COME AND GO, PLAY... All these plays question man’s standing in life. Life: The cumpolsory term... The system annihilates human will power...
* It is important that the stage embodies the parallelism of life/play/stage... Whatever is happening to man in life and to character in the play is happening to the actor on the stage. * “Just sit together as we used to in the play ground...” says Flo in COME AND GO. And it reality, that is what the actor must do. “Just” sit, “just” go. On and within the stage he/she takes place.
* Human will power is in conflict with the authority (the system) in all the plays ... The authority can be anything and everything that limits or diverts human will power. The bell in ACT WITHOUT WORDS 1, the stick in ACT WITHOUT WORDS 2, the light in PLAY, bring forth the system on stage. The actor should not enact the character by making use of pretended elements ... He/she should undertake the required act in its entire simplicity and through his/her total sincerity...
* It is the first time that these five short plays are selected for the same playbill. All five of them have been dealt with in a singular space: This space is a chamber - a simulation chamber, or rather a circis, or a stage. Whatever the stage might be, it definitely is one thing in particular: Life in present simple tense(!). One comes here, performs what is to be performed and leaves.