Ceremonial edition of the 25th anniversary International theatre festival MOT



At the begging of the new millennium, in the UNESCO year of peace -
the International Theatre Festival MOT celebrates its 25th jubilee (it is founded 1976).
On this occasion, our experience with the subject "The theatre at the crossroads - towards 2000" was a provocation to promote this year the subject "The Power of Theatre - between Piece and Violence". MOT will be theatre celebration with the recipients of the European award for theatre - "New theatre reality" and "Time bomb" - representative selection of theatres (at least 3) which perform the famous play "Power Keg" by the Macedonian playwright Dejan Dukovski, at the stages in Europe and the world.

Description of the activities:

The 25th anniversary MOT 2000 will be continuation of the research in the contemporary theatre
and the quest for the future theatre and at the same time will be closure of the file/ the well known logo
"Theatre of the crossroads, towards 2000". MOT 2000 will be meeting and exchange of the latest results in the contemporary theatre, dance theatre and theatre of movements, theatre in the air and body theatre with special accent on the new circus and street theatre.
This is way MOT has educational value, for the audience and for the theatrical people
and the critics in our country, who grow and develop with it. We plan 15 theatres from Europe and the world, from East and West, North and South, and from Macedonia to participate.
There will be festival premieres, exhibitions, video projections, seminars and workshops on MOT.
The Festival will be promoted with poster, catalogue, postcard and video-clip.
In its programmes MOT will also present UNESCO's Manifest 2000 of the culture of peace and no violence. The year 2000 should be new beginning.

Expected effects:

We expect with the reach and attractive programme of the festival to attract 10000 people,
domestic audience, but also numerous guests from abroad, directors of theatre festivals and theatre critics who will continue MOT's affirmation in Europe and the world.
That way, new possibilities will open for presentation of the Macedonian theatre abroad.
MOT will also organize several workshops and co productions with partners from European countries
and the world, in which our actors and dancers will be engaged.
These performances later on will participate in the festivals abroad.
One should be stress the membership and the mutual projects of MOT and partners from the net of the famous theatre organizations - the Mediterranean international theatre institute from Madrid, Spain and
the Informal European theatre meeting from Brussels, Belgium,
as well as the collaboration with the Macedonian Centre of the International theatre institute - UNESCO
which support our integration in the world theatre family.