New York, USA

Youth Cultural Centre 20.00 pm


Created by:
Cathy Weis
Music Composed and Conducted by: Matt Darriau
Produced by: Nova Productions, Skopje
Executive producer: Jovica Mihajlovski and GOH Productions, New York

MOT FESTIVAL 1999 - Skopje, Macedonia
Performed by: Matt Darriau
Scott Heron
Gordana Dejan
Oliver Duev
Antonio Kitanovski
Tijana Todevska and
Cathy Weis
Stage manager: Mitko Arnaudov
Staff for Cathy Weis Performance Projects in Skopje:
Lighting Designer and Production Manager: David Herrigel
Company Manager: Lynn Kable

Development of MONITOR LIZARDS was made possible by the Doris Duke Fund for Dance of the National Dance Project, a program administered by the New England Foundation for the Arts with lead funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew Mellon Foundation. The project is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. An earlier version of MONITOR LIZARDS was commissioned and first presented in New York City by Dixon Place with funds from the Jerome Foundation and Community Assets, a program of New York Foundation for the Arts, made possible through generous funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. Macedonia Residency and Performances are funded by Trust for Mutual Understanding. Special thanks to Ruben Puentadura, Susan Sgorbati and Tony Carruthers in Bennington. Special thanks in Skopje to SCCA, PARC Multi-Media, Ed Wood Center, Skopje City Museum.


At times dreamlike, often startling, Cathy Weis' "Monitor Lizards" consists of a series of pieces creating a changing storytelling landscape. Dancers manipulate live technology, sharing tales, memories, and imaginings with the audience through movement, light, sound, video and text. Audiences see live performance and simultaneously view images technologically created and projected by dancers moving on stage. The result is a juxtaposition of the real and the virtual, dancers shaping magical, often humorous, environments. Cathy Weis' choreography is a live interaction between dance and technology. Ms. Weis often asks the question, "When technology and the human body become (dance) partners, who leads?" Live dancers perform on stage with their video images. Ms. Weis contrasts textures of three dimensional bodies and two dimensional video images. CATHY WEIS PERFORMANCE PROJECTS Ms. Weis began her career as a ballet solist in Kentucky, then pioneered in the use of video in dance performance during the 1980's in New York, where she primarily worked as a video artist in collaboration with choreographers. Cathy Weis formed her own company in 1993 and began to create full scale works. Her pieces have been commissioned by The Kitchen, Dance Theater Workshop, Dixon Place and Performance Space 122 in New York, as well as the Center for New Dance Program in Arnheim and the Museum of Modern Art in Prague. In 1996 she received the prestigious New York Dance and Performance ("BESSIE") Award for Choreography and Creation. Composing music for the evening will be New York composer and woodwind virtuoso Matt Darriau. Jazziz magazine named Mr. Darriau one of the 150 most influential jazz musicians for the impact he has had in bringing Balkan and world rhythms to jazz. Ms. Weis and Mr. Darriau will be joined live on stage by U.S. dancer Scott Heron and Skopje performers and musicians and with whom they have worked prior to the Mot Festival exploring the use of video in performance.