Cardiff, Wales
G. Britain

Youth Cultural Centre 20.00 pm

This production by McLucas and Ladd reveals Brith Gof’s well known, complex and evocative theatrical style - a synthesis of movement, vocabulary and text (Welsh and English) with original site specific context. Lla’th weaves together three strands: the death of Christ, the death of Yuri Gagrin and the death of a farmer, David Finch, in West Wales. The Finch family were neighbours of Eddie Ladd’s family, and the story of his death, now part of local mythology, is true, one that Eddie Ladd grew up with. Lla’th (Gwynfryd) incorporates both live CCTV relay and pre-recorded video footage to provide differing and various points of views on the action.

“One of the most intriguing performers” The Western Mail