Stockholm, Sweden

Youth Cultural Centre 20.00 - 18.00 pm

Let me say straight away: director Lars Rudolfsson’s adaptation of “00.00” is for Cirkör what spring sunshine is to frozen soil. The ice has melted to become gaily bubbling brooks. Not even a cold breeze remains from the almost paralysing perfectionism, and strange, emotionally cold virtuosity that I experienced at Cirkör’s opening in January. On the contrary, what I now experience is a new, war, bold, fresh and highly original performance, one to enjoy and cherish in one’s heart and mind.

The title figures “00.00” symbolise the millenium, and are drawn gracefully in the air by Samuel Gustavsson as white, eternal ovals. They are beautiful, but also frightening, holes fronting something that may well turn out to be nothing at all.

That love can descend from the heavens is nothing new, but it remains something of a minor miracle. If the new “00.00” doesn’t have everything, it at least lacks nothing in intelligence and warmth, humour and artistry, musicality and silence. It is also particularly enjoyable to see the beautiful and the sensuous contrasted with the ugly, the mean, the corny and the sweaty! It’s a lot like life, I suppose.