Sofia, Bulgaria

Youth Cultural Centre 22.00 pm


Fear/ Terror

in the play Qartet object of my attention are

The old new fear from love
Vetus novus terror amoris
The old new fear from body
Vetus novus terror carnis
The old new fear from emptiness
Vetus novus terror vacui
The old new fear from forgetfulness
Vetus novus terror oblivionis
The old new fear from death
Vetus novus terror mortis

Javor Grdev

Kiril Merdzanski

After I have read Javor Grdev's script for the project Quartet the following thoughts came to my mind and I even entitled them

Until when

        The meaning of the existence is something, that always remains outside the boundaries of our body. When the body exists only for itself then the meaning of its existence is created by the absence well-known to the modern epoch. The absence of the body is the only object of our presence (remember Becket). So, our body is always opaque in the reversed perspective of its boundaries, which closed within themselves, make conceiving anything outside its boundaries impossible. The great hope of the enlighteners, that the body could be object of meaningful knowledge, which will make it free or it will become concrete-abstract object of endless ecstasy or terror (Sad), created the great disappointment, that it (the body) is present apart from us only when it is used or when it dies (Muller). We are still living among the pieces of that great (irreversible) unsuccessful project in which the death seams as real as the existence of our body, in which the concreteness of life is equated with the presence of death. Until when?

Gote, Muller, Kazanova and Felini united in a theatrical fantasy

In his play "Quartet" Heiner Muller took two characters from "Dangerous liaisons".

Theatrical workshop Sfumato

Quartet by Heiner Muller
after the novel "Dangerous Liaisons" by Laclo

Translation: Georgi Tenev
Directed by: Javor Grdev
Set design and Costumes: Daniela Ljahova, Nikola Toromanov
Music: Asen Avramov
Simon Varsano
Graphics of the movements: Tani Sokolova
Cast: Vladimir Penev
Zoreta Nikolova
Svetlana Janceva
Ana Papadopulu
Nadja Konakcieva
Daniel Rasev