London, G. Britain

Youth Cultural Centre 19.30 pm

conceived by: La Ribot
Assistant: Juan Dominguez
Codified material creators and dancers: Juan Dominguez, Rachel Krische, La Ribot, Marc Smith
Time keeper: Emma Wilson or Kate Hounslow
La Sylphide:
Music: Ruben Gonzalez
Sign-language tutor: Charlotte Moulton-Thomas
Technical Manager: Emma Wilson
Technical/ Lighting Design: Emma Wilson
Costume: Blue Farrier Photos: Pau Ros
Floor Design: Pep Sala
Production Direction: Eduardo Bonito
Administration: Jo Hughes
El gran game is a dance performance with random composition. It uses material drawn from a movement research project that explored relations between sign language and dance codes. The dance codes used are the signs that choreographers and dancers use to explain the movements without doing them, basically using arms and hands. El gran game is 'played' by four dancers and six extras who will be integrated into the performance at each site. The spatial and timing composition will be ceated at random, with two dice. The aim is to exhibit it on a white floor and improvise the composition, as a contiuous and visual movement where different energies, tensions, power lines and intensity variations will be created. After seven years working on her solo project Distinguished Pieces, La Ribot starts again to collaborate with other dancers in El gran game. She considers that in opposition to the vertical and accumulative way her distinguished pieces are shown, this performance will pose in a horizontal way, visually plan and extended on a surface. We could say that distinguished pieces are shown in a vertical accumulation - even if there is no physical space to accumulate them - and that El gran game is horizontally spread on the floor.