Mr. Ljubisha Nikodinovski-Bish 

Place and date of birth: Republic of Macedonia, Skopje, 22.03.1949. 

Working address: MOT International Theatre Festival, Kej Dimitar Vlahov b.b., P.O.Box 690 
91000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 

tel/fax: + 389 91 - 115 225 (use also: 115 906) 
      tel: + 389 91 - 239 152 (use also: 233 401) 


Present professional occupation:

1.International Theatre Festival MOT, Artistic Director

2.Macedonian ITI Centre - UNESCO, General Secretary

Field of work: International co-operation and exchange in the field of theatre, integration of the activities of the MOT Festival, Macedonian ITI Centre, IETM. and Instituto Internacional del Teatro del Mediterraneo.

Short biography:

Philosopher, actor in the leading alternative theatres in Macedonia, producer, manager of the Theatre "Centar", one of the founder and artistic director of the International Theatre Festival M.O.T. (since 1976) and subscribing member of the Informal European Theatre Meeting, since I have been working for more than twenty years on the presentation and integration of the Macedonian theatre in Europe and the whole world.

 As one of the founders and a current general secretary of the Macedonian Centre of the International Theatre Institute, I am very active in the Communication Committee, and so far I have published an article about Macedonia in the publication "The World of the Theatre" (1992-1994). As a theatre essayist and editor of the book "Oresteia in Action", I have also published many articles in the theatrical magazines and the daily press in my country. One of the founder and publisher of the "Macedonian ITI Centre - INFO".

International projects and productions during the last years:

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