William Shakespeare
Skopje - Macedonia
    Wednesday, September 30 - 10pm     Opening Night    DRAMA THEATRE
Directed by Vlado Cvetanovski

This performance is dedicated to the great actor  
Nenad Stojanovski

Translation: Bogomil Guzel 
Stage Designed by: Valentin Svetozarev and Vlado Gorevski 
Costume designs: Blagoj Micevski 
Choreography: Sonja Vukicevic 

Hamlet: Gorgi Jolevski 
Claudius: Kiril Ristoski 
Gertrude:Iskra Veterova 
Ophelia:  Zvezda Angelovska 
Laertes: Visar Viska 
Rosencrantz: Risto Gogovski 
Grave digger: Dimitar Zozi 
First Actor: Rubens Muratovski 
Second Actor: Nikola Kumev 
First Actress: Jelena Mijatovic 
Second Actress: Olivera Arizanova

In an instant enlightenment flashes on us in our nutshell and it is this condensed eternity we see everything that has been and what will be. That is the Time beyond Pain-time of the Secret, when everything is melted into something invisible and shivering like Death. 

At this single point, with its immeasurable energy and power, our Hamlet takes place. For once and never again. It comprises everything- Heaven and Bliss, Love and Hatred, Reason and Passion. Before and Behind. “To be or not to be”.The Actor is Gjorgji Jolevski, He is Hamlet, and Hamlet is a shaman. What they both have in common is that they dare to travel through the cosmic spaces. 

“To be or not to be” is the crucial question of every Actor who truly, shaman-like, is suffering the wounds of the “Other”. He passes through Christ’s passions until he reaches the Revelation. And hence the Actor enters the radiant zone of the Spirit! 

We wish to research the occult and oniric nature of the theatre discourse. Gjorgji, the Actor, Hamlet- awakens the mythic time and transforms it into historic, acts his drama, stumbling between heaven and earth, and in its last scene recognizes the primordial image of Cosmos called Shakespeare. 

All starts with a disillusion resembling the initial illusion. At the cross-point of these two levels of consciousness. Gjorgji tries to enter into the spheres of Secret. The Actor is a cosmic dimension of the character, and Hamlet attempts to find an answer to the question: “Do I wish to die standing”? 

Does Hamlet die standing? As he passes in the space marked by the Ghost, he re-invokes the scenes drawn from the Oblivion and that is why his images are dim, at times soft and dreamy or sharp and rough, a watercolour or prints. Could the live light of soul and space be retold and painted, could death be described? 
The answer of the great question of Hamlet is; Let it be. 

Vlado Cvetanovski