STORY Dick POPE, B.S.C. - D.O.P. Mike LEIGH-Director


Annie and Hannah, two young career women of 30, meet up after 6 years since they left University and rediscover the relationship they enjoyed when they shared an apartment some years previously. During the course of the one weekend of the action, the women encounter several people with whom they were students in London in the mid '80s, and through a series of flashbacks to those youthful days, we build up a picture of the way they have all changed in the intervening years. CAREER GIRLS is about love and youth and sex and memories, and is moving, sad and at times extremely funny, filmed with Leigh's by-now patented blend of verbal, visual and behavioral comedy.


dopDevojki.jpg (5749 bytes) Dick POPE, B.S.C. - D.O.P.

Born 1947, Bromley, Kent, England. 1963-66 trainee at Pathe Film Laboratories, Wardour St., London. Member of BSC since 1993, Pope is Leigh's main collaborator as D.o.P. shooting his four films: LIFE IS SWEET (1990), NAKED (1992, with this film Pope has also participated for the first time at the 14th Bitola Film Camera Festival in 1993), SECRETS & LIES (1996) and CAREER GIRLS (1997). In 1995 Dick POPE wasthe President of the International Jury at the 16th Bitola Film Camera Festival and in his honor as the opening film, out of competition, was screened AN AWFULLY BIG ADVENTURE (1994, directed by Mike NEWELL).

With CAREER GIRLS it is the third time for Mr. Pope participating as D.o.P. at Bitola's Film Camera Festival. As an acclaimed British cinematographer, Dick Pope brings a wealth of experience to the production of feature films, TV dramas, documentaries(his fifth collaboration with Leigh is the short film A SENSE OF HISTORY, 1992) , music promo and comercials. Dick POPE's other notable films as D.o.P. are: NOTHING PERSONAL (1995, Dir. Thaddeus O'Sullivan),THE AIR UP THERE (1993, Dir.Paul M.Glaser), SECRET GARDEN (1992, Dir. Agnieszka Holland), BAD BEHAVIOR (1992, Dir. Les Blair), THE REFLECTING SKIN ( 1989, Dir. Philip Ridley, also Best Cinematography Award at Sitges Film Festival for Dick Pope), MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON (1988, Dir. Bob Rafelson), SOWETO (1987, Dir. Michael Raeburn), THE FRUIT MACHINE (1987, Dir. Philip Saville), COMING UP ROSES (1986, Dir. Stephen Bayly), "1984" (1984, Dir. Mike Redford) etc.


rezDevojki.jpg (5115 bytes) Mike LEIGH-Director

Mike Leigh, writer and director, was born in 1943 in Salford, Lancashire, near the city of Manchester in England. He trained briefly at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) as an actor, but after finding that experience disappointing, he moved on to South London's Camberwell School, the Central School of Arts Crafts and London Film School. He directed his first feature film BLEAK MOMENTS in 1971 (which won the Grand Prix at the Chicago and Locarno Film Festivals), after a long career as a script-writer and director for the theater from the mid '60s. Since then he has made numerous TV films, shorts for the BBC. His next feature films: HIGH HOPES (1988), LIFE IS SWEET (1990) and NAKED (1992), have been highly successful internationally, all winning numerous prestigious awards, including Best Director and Best Actor (David Thewlis) for NAKED at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival. In May, 1996, at the 49th Cannes, Leigh won the "Palme d'Or" for his film SECRETS & LIES and Brenda BLETHYN was awarded as Best Actress. SECRETS & LIES also won numerous other awards including Golden Globe, three BAFTAs and five AAN(Nominations for Oscars). CAREER GIRLS (1997) is his 6th feature film.