Dir.: Vinko BRESHAN
    Scr.: Ivo BRESHAN
    D.O.P.: Zhivko ZALAR
    Prod.Co.: HRVATSKA TV and ADRIA FIM ZAGREB Ivanicgradska 64, 10000 Zagreb Croatia
    Producer: Ivan MUDRINICH
    Colour / 35mm /
    rt.: 95 min. Language: Croatian/Serbian


    Vlatko DULICH
    Ljubomir KEREKESH
    Matija PRSKALO
    Ivica VIDOVIC


The year is 1991. The first freely elected Croatian Parliament voted the decision to step out from thr Yugoslav Federation, and to form the independent and sovereign Republic of Croatia.... The Story itself: The father of one recruited croatian boy in JNA (ex-Yugoslavian National Army), an art historian, comes to a small island where the Commander in -Chief Alexa refuses to let the boys leave the barracks and go home. The barracks are surrounded by local citizens, staging a siege by protest performances with speeches, songs and recitals, “a high quality” show in order to persuade the guardians of the barracks to sign of.

The negotiations led by “the Chairman of the Crisis Committee” fail to produce any result (“I won’t allow you even to piss in my barracks”), Alexa is untractable, though considered by all of them as a “local guy” since he married and lived on the island for the last ten years. As the radio links between the barracks and the Yugoslav Army HQ somewhere on the firm land are hap-hazard, to put it mildly, the worried father is ready to play a risky game -to penetrate in the army premises pretending to be a colonel of Yugoslav Army only to bring his son out.

Vinko BRESHAN-Director:

Born in Zagreb in 1964. He finished primary and secondary school in Shibenik. In 1982 he enrolled in the University of Philosophy and Literature in Zagreb and in 1984 in Drama Academy in Zagreb, department of movie and TV direction. His student thesis , a debut documentary OUR STOCK-MARKET, won the Award on the 34th Festival in Oberhauzen in 1988. His documentary THE COMMON LUNCH (Prod. of the Croatian TV) on Days of Croatian Films won the OKTAVIAN award, in the category of best doc. films in 1994. The next year, he won again in the same category, this time for the documentary CORRIDOR. He is also the director of theatrical plays: THE GUARDIAN FROM ISLAND and WAIT A MINUTE, ZVONIMIR. HOW THE WAR STARTED ON MY ISLAND is his first feature film.

Zhivko ZALAR-D.O.P.

Born in Zagreb in 1948, he studied for 2 years at the Electro-Technical Faculty of Zagreb, but switched to movies and studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (The renowned FAMU at Prague, Czechoslovakia) till 1973, when he Graduated with Honours. In 1975 and 1976 he held the chair at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. He has been also the cinematographer ever since 1970, both for film and TV, wining in 1978 the Prizes: GOLDEN ARENA for the movies BRAVO MAESTRO (shown at Cannes Festival in Competition), THE SCENT OF THE FIELD FLOWERS and LJUBICA. He was also awarded the Prize of KODAK at Pula Festival. In 1983, Zalar won his second First Prize at Pula GOLDEN ARENA for his work in the film SOMETHING IN BETWEEN. In 1987 at Film Camera Festival in Bitola, Zalar won the First Prize for Best Cinematography “Milton Manaki” for the film DEJA VU directed by Goran MARKOVICH.