LUC BESSON (Director) was born in Paris on March 18,1959, and spent most of his 
                   childhood living in the idyllic settings of various Mediterranean hideaways where his parents 
                   worked as diving instructors. 
                   Besson's surroundings and family influences made it seem a sure path that would lead him to a 
                   similar maritime career. From the age of 10, after an encounter with a friendly dolphin, Besson 
                   determined to become a maritime biologist, specializing in the study of the species. 
  Besson studied for this life-plan throughout his teens until, at 17, a diving accident prevented him from ever diving again. His long-held dream cut short, Besson redirected his sights, determining that he would become a filmmaker. 
   Besson dropped out of school to seek work in the French film industry, and started making his own first experimental films in super-8. At the age of 19 he moved to Los Angeles, where he lived for three months working in the American film industry. 

    Thiery ARBOGAST - D.O.P.
    FILMOGRAPHY: UN HISTOIRE D' VENT ( 1988, dir.: Joris IVENS ), NIKITA ( 1990, Dir.: Luc BESSON), I DON'T KISS (1991, Dir.: Andre TECHINE ), LA FILLE DE L'AIR  (1992, Dir.: Marun BAGDADI), MY FAVOURITE SEASON (1993, Dir.: Andre TECHINE), LEON ( 1994, Dir.: Luc BESSON), HORSEMAN ON THE ROOF (1995, Dir.: Jean Paul RAPPENEAUT ), RIDICULE (1996, Dir.: Patrice LECONTE), SHE IS LOVELY (1996, Dir.: Nick CASSAVETES), THE FIFTH ELEMENT (1997, Dir.: Luc BESSON ).