Dir.: Antonio MITIRKESKI
Scr.: Tashko GEORGIEVSKI, 
                     Antonio MITRIKESKI 
D.O.P.: Bartolomey MAJ 
Prod. Co.: VARDAR FILM - Skopje 
with the support of the MINISTRY 
Co-production: STUDIO FILMOWE  - Polska
Producer: Gorjan TOZIJA
Music: Georghe ZAMFIR
     Agnieszka WAGNER  (Elena)
   Nikola RISTANOVSKI (Konstantin)
     Ekrem AHMETI (Ramadan)
     Bedia BEGOVSKA (Lefterija)
  Aco DUKOVSKI (Mustafa)
  Fehmi GRUBI ( Fatau)
  Vlado JOVANOVSKI  (Tahir)
      Josif JOSIFOVSKI (Priest Kiril)
 Kiril RISTESKI (Andon)
 KODAK Color / 35 mm / Dolby sr.
rt.: 110 min.
Lang.: Macedonian

The Lake is a mirror in which Konstantin is seeing himself. It is his own soul, misfortune, hope and passion. The lake is an eternal existence. The film ACROSS THE LAKE is a true story about two people who fall in love with each other and want to be together. He is in Macedonia and SHE is in Albania. The only thing that separets them is the lake. The borders close. Albania isolates itself from the rest of the world. Konstantin illegally crosses the lake only to collect Elena and take her back. But, treaten as a spy, he spends years in Albanian camps. Noboy could believe that a person would go to Albania only because of love. He finds himself in a maze made of human isolation, closed in a foreign country. With the death of Enver Hodja, Albania finally opens the borders. After fourty years of torture, Konstantin, together with Elena and their daughter, returns to his place of birth. To sustain .  .   . until his dream comes true . . .



Born in 1961 in Skopje, Macedonia. In 1987 graduated film directing at the Lodz State High School for Theater, Film and TV "Leon Shiler". During the studies in Poland he realized four short films: THE DUEL, A DAY, TIME and ECHO. He worked for the Polish TV, directing William SAROYAN's IS SOMEBODY THERE and THE CHEATER AND THE LANDLADY by his own screenplay. Within the High School selection participates in many international film festivals, such as those in Oberhausen, Munich, Krakow, Karlovy Vary. For A DAY and THE DUEL he gained some special diplomas and an award of the city of Lodz. In 1991 he realised the documentary titled THE LOVE OF KOCHO TOPENCHAROV which was awarded with Gold Medal for Debut, at the Short Film March Festival in Belgrade. In 1997 Mitrikeski directed his first full-length feature film ACROSS THE LAKE, a Macedonian-Polish co-production. Currently he is a film directing assistant at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje.

Bartolomey MAJ


Born in Lublin, Poland, on January 15, 1967. He graduated at the School of Fine Arts in 1987, then he studied Photo and Film in Opole where he graduated in 1987. He also graduated at the Film School in LOdz in 1991. During his studies he realized few co-operations with directors from: Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Kenya, Tunisia, Yugoslavia and many others. Between 1993-97 he shot more than 30 short commercial films, 10 video clips, documentary films fro TVP, ZDF , the Polish TV and the commercial TV CANAL +. He participated as D.O.P. for the feature film "Grievance" by Jerzy Wojcik.



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