Delcho Mihajlov 

Director of the Festival 

     I believe that the 18th International Film Camera Festival " Manaki Brothers " is the most pleasant event of the people in Bitola, this year. The number of world film festivals is tremendous, but very few Festival centres can be proud of such a tradition as the one of the brothers Manaki from Bitola.
The Festival holding a 5-years international experience, though it counts 17 editions, this year celebrates a significant jubilee, but certainly the most important fact is that it highlights the 50th Anniversary of Organised Film Production in Macedonia.
I am glad, that precisely this year, the Macedonian cinematography is represented by two films, GYPSY MAGIC by the already acknowledged and experienced Stole Popov and ACROSS THE LAKE by the director-debutante Antonio Mitrikeski and it speaks for itself about the continuity of the Macedonian film. I am pleased that after their world promotion we will have the opportunity to follow their Macedonian premiere on the Festival, believing that we will continue to show even more premieres of our film releases in the future, here in Bitola.
The fact that last year the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia has enlisted the International Film Camera Festival "Manaki Brothers" among the few priority cultural and international events happening in our country and the Patronage of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Kiro Gligorov, speaks enough about the meaning of this unique film festival on our territory.
The extensive world family of film festivals, expands from day to day. Although at this moment I am not very familiar with the precise number of those festivals, one thing is certain: the Republic of Macedonia, possibly, is one of the few countries having only one film festival and the same obliges us to maintain, advance and offer chances for our Festival to grow.
The speciality of the film camera as a substantial element in the creation of a film, that is the main characteristic of the Festival, enhances our possibilities for success with the notion that we are one of the only three specialised film festivals in the world.
I consider that these known facts show that the International Film Camera Festival "Manaki Brothers" indeed is becoming a world festival that is thoroughly planned and thought about constantly.

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