If we try looking for any symbolism in the number "18" , logically we would come to the following conclusion: the International Film Camera Festival "Manaki Brothers" enters the age of maturity.

I am glad to admit that this symbolism is deeply supported not only by the notation of the Festival Council, the Ministry of Culture and the Macedonian people, but also by the whole world.

The Bitola Festival already is a challenge not only to the world-wide cinematographers, but it finds interest by the film producers, distributors and the media.

Although it is very moderate in its dimensions, considering the financial status of the Host, this intelligent and for years assembled conception, made the Festival "Manaki Brothers" a very charming film manifestation where the film camera and the D.O.P.'s engagement is in the focus of interest as one of the most important segments of the film expression and of course it is an event dedicated to the memory of the Manaki brothers, the admirers of the art of moving pictures form Bitola.

This Festival is another evidence that the great things are not measured by their glamour and the amount of the finance lay out. It is a prove that a small country as the Republic of Macedonia, with relatively small possibilities and in an extremely hard period, can give a significant and sincere contribution in the term of the so called in the world "cultural progress" and in the elevation of the human spirit.

Especially we are delighted that this symbolical celebration of the maturity of the Festival "Manaki Brothers" coincidences the 50th Anniversary of Organised Film Production in Macedonia, i.e the 50th Birthday of VARDAR FILM and that we, the Film workers of the Republic of Macedonia and the Festival Council of "Manaki Brothers", will have the privilege to congratulate them this jubilee as the first ones.


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