Scr.: Gordan MIHICH
Belgrade 11000, Yugoslavia
Francuska 12
Producer: Dragan KOVACHEVICH
      {  CAST:
   Slavko STIMAC (Sergije)
    Mirjana JOKOVICH (Sonja)
            Srdjan TODOROVICH (Nikola)
   Petar KRALJ (Dimitrija)
       Mirjana KARANOVICH (Mistress)
        Milena DRAVICH (Sonja's Stepmother)
Colour, standard /35 mm/
Rt.: 100 min.
Language: Serbian
This is a story about hopeless people, those who have been left without their hometowns, whose common sense has been troubled by horrors of life. This is a story about a desperate human need for love and friendship. This is a story about people experiencing disharmony between their desires and their real life, and what they want is nothing but a regular decent way of life. The action is located in hot  summer '95 Belgrade, on the Sava Lake. The main character Sergije (Stimac) and his pal Nikola (Todorovich) have returned from lost war. They are beach guards and make their living by renting deck chairs and parasols. Nikola comes from Bosnia, Sergije from Croatia.
  They are both completely without anything and dependent on Mistress (Karanovich), a woman-cheat, still in good shape, private entrepreneur, organizer of "Entertainment on Ada" program, dealer of all kinds of everything. Sergije is persistently in search for his mother and sister who are in a refugee center. Taa HE falls in love with Sonja (Jokovich) who is also manipulated by Mistress. She has committed herself to prostitution to support her family (father, step mother, kid brother and sister). Sonja's father Dimitrije (Kralj) is an everyday drunker. Her stepmother (Dravich) manufactures various knitted articles and like children and like children, has an obsession to be included into "The Guinness Book of Records". Actually, in order to calm her nervousness, she is knitting a huge tablecloth. Due to the economic crisis, many people are struggling merely to survive. Nikola soon fits into the "new trends", while Sergije can't find a way to help his family and falls into a depression. Because of that Sergije can find no other except to settle accounts with crime.

Mirjana VUKOMANOVICH-Director:

Born in Trstenik on December 9, 1967. Graduated in film directing in Novi Sad. The winner of 9 Grand Prix for children's movies throughout Yugoslavia and also of the 1982 UNESCO Prize in Paris for the film POSTER AND EMBROIDERY . She took over the Grand Prix at the Festival of Ecological Film-Zlatibor 1993, for the film QUIET LIFE. 1995, at the Screenplay  Festival in Vrnjacka Banja she took over the Prize for adaptation of Momcilo Nastasijevich's Play for the film ETERNAL TAP, as the best achievement of the year in the production of RTV Serbia. The film took part in the Lion Festival and it was in competition for Emmy Award. Vukomanovich has directed a large number of documentaries, entertainment, musical and scientific TV Serials and documentary films. The film THREE SUMMER DAYS is her first feature film.

Born in Belgrade on December 3, 1954. Graduated in film and TV camera at the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts. By 1985 on TV Belgrade he had made over 100 most exclusive cultural and documentary broadcasts. In 1985 as a D.O.P. he had realized his first feature film TAIWAN'S CANASTA directed by Goran MARKOVICH. His other main films: THE MASTER AND HIS PUFF (1986, Dir. by Bata PRELICH); THE HARMS CASE (1988, Dir. by Slobodan PESHICH); THE HOUSE BY THE RAILWAY TRACK (1988, Dir. by Zarko DRAGOJEVICH); THE BAST (1988, Dir. by Dejan SORAK); THE LAST LAP IN MONZA (1990, Dir. by Aco BOSHKOVICH); THE POLICEMAN FROM THE COCK'S HILL (1994, Dir. by Mihajlo VUKOBRATOVICH). In addition to this films Spasojevich made till now over 250 advertising short films. His films took part in CANNES 1988, MONTREAL 1988 and Berlin.

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