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Tone Casualties , 1998

...reality check music for the new Eastern European warrior. Diversify and understanding is possible!



Continuing with releasing music from unexpected parts of the world this comes from macedonia. Mixing traditional elements along with modern technology they don't sound too far away from the likes of Cubanate or Coptic Rain. There is pounding EBM in parts with techno but also stirring more traditional pieces that draw comparisons to "Voix de Bulgares" as inspiration. Musically they draw both on the past and the present to underpin the turbulent history of the Balkans. It's hard not to have been influenced by recent events and this comes across in the general atmosphere. Thought provoking.



  The world renowned Macedonian musical masterminds have put together this dense concoction of industrial Goth music for the next millennium!
Exotic, rich, and varied, this will-recorded and professional CD will not disappoint

aficionados of the 'Macedonian wave'

Rik Flux ("The intersection of the future - UK) September 1997


Wale Up Gods, now through the American label Tone Casualties, is a little more
experimental work and quite strange. They us more electronic resources, reverbered
vocals, hypnotic rhythms,resulting in something more industrial and rather more futuristic. The traditional instruments are used in a different scale and the  songs in which they appear most are  my favorite: "Until The Next War" and "Voden 2048". "Assassination" could be perfectly played on an industrial dancefloor. Also present is a version of Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs", which I also found quite strange. Weird combinations of different rhythms on this album, but I can easily recommend it along with  Damjan's War. Now the comparison with the landmates of Laibach is taking place, at least in originality...

  Uirajara Ursende, Quintessence (Brazil), November 1997


Wake Up Gods is absolutely a precious album; and it's migrant status so natural for the Balkan everyday life - it gives a bitter noted to the whole project that you can taste in your mouth; in short one of the albums by which you could cry without feeling ashamed.

Petar Lukovich, XL-Zabava, (Yugoslavia) October 1997


Kismet's new album, "Wake Up Gods", reflects the dark and brooding sound for which Balkan and industrial sounds are known.

Kate Welsman, Sunday Herald Sun (Australia) August 1997


Overall, the rating our of five with the balance set towards performance, is 5 CDs out of a possible five. "Wake Up Gods" is a  wonderful progression. Kismet is a very mature concept and this will be one of their best recorded albums. It will be very hard to top the power and passion that this delivers. Get a copy and enjoy.

John Carver PBSEM (Australia) August 1997


"Assassination" is straight-forward EBM that would give most
electro-industrial bands a run for their money on the dance floor, whereas
"Until the next war" exemplifies the breath-taking haunting power of
trditional Balkan music. Overall, this disc is indispensable in showing
how, in the hands of expert gardeners, the rich soil entwining the old
with the new can give birth to some rather stunning flora.

Steven Teref-1998 OUTBURN-USA


Kismet is Macedonian duo,which is based in Australia and signed on an
American label. Quite complex, isn't it. I am really flabbergasted about
their music.I got the impression to be in a Balkan monastery, where the
monks own religion is the Prodigu. Kismet realised a modern album and
surely won the award of creativity and audacity. Several traditional
instruments have been intermixed with modern technology, this way creating
an Apocalyptic music. If Kismet were a monastic order, be sure they would
have many adherents. A worthwhile experience.

SIDE-LINE-Belgium/England , (8 out of possible 10) D.P.-1998


Kismet is a band of Macedonian heritage, signet to a California record
label and dwelling in Australia. How much more worldly can you get? I find
this casual mixing of modern music and classical ethnology strangely
refresing. The old world and the new world mingle together like good
friends. If we could only get society to function this way, then we would
truly experience a golden age.

Jester.-1998 , SONIC-BOOM-USA


The productions and mastering on this release is excellent.The sound is
intense and powerful, yet soft, flowing and often eccentric. It is simply
beautiful, and bound to capture your high regard and respect with its
original creativity. I recommend this cd to anyone daring to venture out
of the mainstream underground sounds so often reiterated in the 
American  and Western European scene. This is cd won't collect dust
on your shelf.

LAST SIGHT-USA Kim-Ann Alexander-1998


The last work of Macedonian band presents one united microcosm of
international cogitations of the example of their native Balkans, on the
fates of the beloved land.It is past and present: from sacral gods of the
past to the political realities of the present, shipped in the mix area of
cybernetics spaces of modern sound with archaic ethno sounds.

ACHTUNG BABY-Russia , Igor Vaganov-1998


Comparations to Laibach aside,Kismet creates a unique and compelling clash
of futuristic techno with Eldrich culture unlike any one else.

VOLTAGE-USA David Slatton-1998


This Macedonian band(residing in Australia) has developed what may perhaps
be the most unique sound I have ever heard.They are destined to be
favourite across all underground genre types.Imagine: Techno meets Ethnic
chanting, meets Industrial, meets Gothic, meets Electro-KISMET HAS IT ALL.

Guymon Ebenezer Addams - 1998 MERE MORTAL 


One of the best discs I have heard all year.

Ben Hardy-1998 AETHER SANCTUM-Australia


Es bleibt nur zu hoffen, dab dieses release auch zukunftig in Deutschland
zu haben sein wird, den tracks wie "Ortoma" oder "Until the next War" mub
man gehort haben.

(9 von 10) , Andreas Bugiel-1998 , SUR-FACE-Germany


Diese Balkan/Aussie-Truppe hat's drauft.Kismet sind eine band, die fur
alle Freunde von duncler und ehricher Music interessant sein durfle und die man
auf jeden Fall im Ohr behalten sollte.

Till Kniola-1998 AUFABWEGEN-Germany


Their music is great fussion of trditional Balkan ethnic music,
experimental and darkwave sounds, while the band doesn't hesitate to bomb
us occasionally with some industrial and electronic beats.

Janis Kalifatidis-1998 FIGHT AMNESIA-Germany


The CD rise ti its best moments when show the Macedonian elements and
gives them quite epicism with the bass voices as in tracks as"Voden2048"-"Le
ison"- or"Until the next war". Only for openminded people and without too
many prejudices.

Pedro Ortega.-1998 MALDOROR -SPAIN


Their new cd"Wake up Gods" has been released on the American cult
electro-surrealists label Tone Casualties.The atmospheric floors, the
programming and the sampling all over are the antithesis of what's
suddenly going to be the very complementary reference itself of this work, and so
you will easily meet the:Tribal,Dark, Dance floors and EBM, allin one. Nice work.

Marc Urselli-Scharer-1998 DLK-Italy


The excellent cover of "Venus in Furs" is already classic in the Kismet

(**** out of five)-Tose Filipovski-1998 GRAD-Macedonia


The first time I heard the album, it didn't excite any sensations in me,
but after some time without hearing it, I put it again in the cd player,
and then J started to fell the passion beauty and anger of this music.

Luis Couto-1998 CREPUSCOLI AURORA-Portugal


Sentence que I'on pourrait d'ailleurs donner a l'ensemble de I'album, et
surtout a "Post Comunissm", veritable petit bijou que je vous conseille

Benoit Maurer-1998 ART-ZERO-France


"Wake up Gods" parren sie electro-und ethnoeinflusse, als sei das die
naturlichste sache der welt.

Jorg Kleudgen-1988 GOTHIC-Germany


Finally, this amazing band has an opportunity for an American release!
This Macedonian band (residing in Australia) has developed
what may perhaps be THE most unique sound I have ever heard. Since their debut album, "Damjan's War" they have evolved even
further, deeper into their bizarre apocolyptic, futuristic sound. The
mix of traditional Macedonian instruments and Gorazd
Capovski's menacing deep vocals (which I'd compare the timbre with Carl
McKoy of Fields of the Nephilim) with pounding
electronic beats and digital soundscapes melds an extremely forboding
image of the future of the human race.

Standout tracks? - well that's a tough one to decide! The cover of
"Venus In Furs" strikes a chord of familiarity coupled with a new
darkwave twist. But I would certainly have to say that the passion and
awe emitting from the Gregorian-chant-like vocals on tracks
like "Until the Next War" and "Voden 2048" are enough to make one almost
burst into tears out of fear for humanity. On the other
hand, Kismet display an amazing devious quality on "Assassination",
pushing the envelope with a techno beat backed by deep
distorted vocals, still in that chant-like fashion! They are destined to
be a favorite across all underground genre types. Imagine -
techno meets ethnic chanting, meets gothic, meets industrial, meets
electro - Kismet has it all!

G.E. Addams , February 12, 1998 , Mere Metal Magazine


Kismet is an Australian-based group (that regularly work in Macedonia) that debut in 1994 as an extension of the Macedonian cult band Mizar, who had huge successes in the Balkan's in the late 80's early 90's. "Wake Up Gods" is their third release and their first record with the US label Tone Casualties - a label founded by Gabor Csupo of Klasky Csupo, Inc., the animation studio responsible for cartoons like "The Simpsons", "Rugrats", "Duckman". 
The two members of the band - Gorazd Capovski and llija Stojanovski - sing in English and in the Macedonian dialect and utilize instruments such as tambura, zurla and kaval, together with electric guitar, bass, samples and programs. Their music is, in their own words, a fusion of traditional Balkan ethno, experimental, darkwave-industrial and electronic sounds. 
The best results are obtained in the tracks where the ethnic influences prevail and in the tracks where the darkwave and electronic sounds combine perfectly with the ethnic music, creating an unique atmosphere that we can't find in any other album. On the other hand, I consider that is perfectly dispensable the approximation to the danceable rhythms of techno ( And I'm referring especially to track "Assassination") and some few tracks where we note the subjection of the ethnic elements to the patterns of Occidental music.

In the previous album "Damjan's War" - they had cover Joy Division's "Decades" and Love Will Tear Us Apart". In this one they've included a cover of The Velvet Underground's "Venus In Furs", where Gorazd Capovski sings in a gothic way. This cover is quite interesting since they had capture the atmosphere of the original, but added to it their own style and a blow of modernity. The music if Kismet reflects the meeting of tradition with the cyber age and without being gothic, it is undoubtedly influenced by this genre of music. Anyway, it's not easy to describe their music, since the final result is quite different than the sum of its elements The fist times I heard this album, it didn't excite any sensations in me, but after some time without hearing it, I put it again in the CD player, and then I started to feel the passion, beauty and anger of this music.

Luis Couto , Ponta Delgada 2-12-98

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