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KISMET have performed in Yugoslavia and Croatia this January : Beograd (19.1) , Zagreb (20.1) , Rijeka (22.1) and Panchevo (23.1). 

are preparing for the big concert in Skopje (Macedonia). The date is 3.3.2000 , the place : MKC. The guests will be the band SINIAC from Skopje , the band that won this years competition of young demo bands ROCK FEST. 

Finally , the recording of the "Tribute to Mizar" album is almost over. The uncoplete list of the bands that appears on this project is : Siniac , Telo-Nauka Sovrshena , No Name Nation , Music Makers , Den Potoa , Space^Boy , Phantom , Psychoz , Ataraxia , Alexandria and others. The CD will be out very soon and there will be promotion in Skopje.

In april 2000 KISMET will tour USA again. More details about the dates soon.

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Tone Casualties 1999

KISMET are back from a short USA tour.You can order new album from the shop atthe official Tone Casualties Homepage , and also youcan order it from online shops like , , and other.

KISMET will perform in Zagreb (Croatia), at the end of november. Also there will be other concerts in Croatia , Ljubljana (Slovenia in februar) , Beograd (Yugoslavia) and for sure they will took part on a festival in Prague at the end of december.

KISMET are currently in Macedonia and they are working on a project called : "Tribute to Mizar". Mizar are perhaps the greatest darkwave band on the Balcans ever. The compilation features 10-15 macedonian bands with their covers of the Mizar's songs. Unofficial list of some bands : Siniac , Last Expedition , Alexandria , FYROM Experiment , Space^Boy , Telo-Nauka Sovrshena , Den Potoa and others. The compilation will be out early in 2000. KISMET will perform in Skopje (Macedonia) in january 2000 with lot of guest bands. Details soon !

Also these days in Skopje KISMET will promote their new album : North-Atlantic Balcan-Express.

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21. 9. 1999
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New Kismet album North Atlantic Balcan Express is out for Tone
Causalties. Kismet are currently on tour in USA and they will 
perform in Chicago , Santa Barbara , Los Angeles, NY and other
cities. There will be a promotion of a video from this album ,
Red Zurla , recorded by famous macedonian director 
Antonio Mitriceski. More details soon.

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28. 6. 1999
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The Tribute album for the band The Mission is out for the German label ETAGE Music. Kismet are on that compilation with the song "Tower of strenght". The other bands that appear on this tribute are : Funhouse , Stone 588 , Revolution by night , Complicity , Gutsmuths and other. The Mission is a band that  influenced the Wave Scene of the 80s. The title of the tribute is Forevermore.

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12. 6. 1999
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North-Atlantic-Balcan-Express will be released on 31'st of
august for Tone Casualties. The band will start the US tour
in september. There are some tour dates :

8.9.1999 - Lumpy Gravy (L.A.)
9.9.1999 - Dus Bunker (L.A.)
1.10.1999 - Club (N.Y.)

More tour dates will be available soon. The band has start
recording a video with the famous macedonian director
Antonio Mitricevski. The new album was promoted on
a macedonian underground radio station - 103 , and
the reactions were great. 

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20. 5. 1999
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The new Kismet's album titled North-Atlantic-Balcan-Express
balances between traditional and modern music , between 
20'th and 21'th century. This is the album which closes the
trilogy : Damjans War - Wake Up Gods - North Atlantic
Balcan Express
. There are 2 covers , one is Main Theme
from the soundtrack of the movie "More" by Pink Floyd and 
the second is Joy Division's classic Love will tear us apart
which was also released on the album Damjans War back
in 1995. Like in the previous Kismet's albums , so in this one
the modern music and the traditional Macedonian music 
become one. It can be felt by listening to the songs like 
Red Zurla , Zid or Love will tear us apart. The album 
begins with trip-hop song titled General Black and ends 
with instrumental Tenk. In some of the songs there are
samples with poetry read by American poet Steven Teref.
There are also energy songs like Weaving or War , and
songs with very dark atmosphere like Stolen Wall or 
Church. With one word , the album is great ! 
                                          reviewed by : Klime Matoski

North-Atlantic-Balcan-Express will be out this summer
 for Tone Casualties , so visit our homepage again for
further informations. Also there are two short samples from 
this album , so download them from our sound gallery.

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7. 5. 1999
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The new Tone Casualties compilation titled "Music for the next century" is out. 

Artists on this compilation include: Kismet, Madam Crain and Wahorn, Robert Williams, Holger Czukay Vs. Dr. Walker, Drew Neumann, BP Service, Swyvel, Laszlo Hortobagyi, Borut Krzisnik, Involution, Paul Schutze, Vince Kosa, Gabor Kemeny, Blue and Holding, Drumatic

I've received a promo copy of the new Kismet's album , so visit us soon these days for a short review. 

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15. 4. 1999
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There's been a change in the new album title and it
The soundtrack of the movie Red-Ball is out for BMG
records and Kismet is on that compilation. Another
compilation featuring Kismet is released for Tone
Casualties titled "Music for the next Millenium".

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10 . 3. 1999
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The new album will be titled "The Tank" and will be out
this summer. The tour will start at 6.9.1999.

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22 . 2. 1999
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Kismet are currently working on their new album. The
title will be "Black General" and will be out this spring
for Tone Casualties. After releasing the album , Kismet
will be touring USA. Visit us again for further