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1. Your music career began in the mid 80-ties with the bands "Gospodinot Otiden" and "Lola V. Stain". In really bad condition you've released two antologic albums " "Ikona" and "Mansarda" for the Croatian label "Blind Dog Records". What were the reactions of the ex-Yugoslavian audience then , and what was the cause of bands split. 

    - These two albums in a certain way , are   pieces from my childhood , so its logical for them to contain a huge dose of romanticism  , which comes from the purity of the  the world seen through the eyes of the child. Lola V. Stain basically it wasn't a band , but the name of the project , 'cause it was ridiculous for me to name the albums with my own name. The other people in this project were something like a guest musicians and their job was to play whats necessary , so they did not have any emotional approach to the music , but strictly professional. So , after all , these albums can be threated as mine solo albums. In that period thats was really important for the macedonian musicians , 'cause several albums were released suddenly , something that was just a dream for other ex-yugoslavian musicians. All the others were obsessed with war or those kind of craps , and we were creating music , that proves ourselves as a pacifistic nation , which makes me very happy.

2. Which are your greatest musical influences , or I can say , yours favorite bands ? 

    - There's a lots of them , starting with macedonial traditional music , bysantian church songs , than Weather Report , Pat Metheny , Jimy Hendrix , Joni Mitchell , Mozard , Beethoven , Leb i Sol ...

3. After many successful concerts throughout Europe , can you tell us which one was your favorite ?

    - I can say that I love absolutely all our concerts , and they  were all followed with some kind of stress , and will here , in this fuckin big and strange city , everything be all right ? Fortunately , the concerts are always finished euphorically , and every day I ask myself was this real or  just a dream ?

4. In creating the latest album "Nocturnal" , you've been using lots of electronic equipment such as samplers , computers , synthesizers , processors etc. Are you planning to continue with this kind of creating the music ?

    - Our hearts will tell us what we will do and how to do that. 

5. Since the re-releasing the mini-album "By the Rivers of Babylon" for the Greek label Poeta Negra , until now , the great interest for Anastasia has been shown in Greek media. You've performed many concerts in Greece , you work with music label "Libra Music" , Anastasia's concerts are visited by many people. What is the main reason for this great interest ?

    - The main reason is the Greek relation for something that is beautiful. I think that there are no mysteries , and by mine deep believes , off course without any prejudices , Anastasia has given some answers of the questions which bothers other musicians of something that is called East , which includes Greece also , that its possible to be both yours and universal. Macedonia has been a part of  something that  was called Bysantian comonvelt , and they have the capability to understand that , the basic point is - eighter you have the music or you don't. 

6. In Portugal on EXPO'98 you've performed infront of 15000 people. What do you think the reception of the music by the people looked like ?

    - Rather well.

7. Do you plan further cooperation between you and Milcho Manchevski (director of the movie "Before the Rain" which was nominated for Oscar in 1995) for some other project ?

   - Possibly for his next movie.

8. When do you plan to perform in Belgrade ?

    - As far Ivo Jankovski , our manager , has told us , on 18'th of December.

9. Maybe the EP "Face / Burn" was some kind of overture of the new Anastasia sound , and overture of Nocturnal ?

    - Yes , despite the fact that it had to lay down for a while , before turning into something we are now witnesses. 

10. Further plans of the band ?

    - God only knows. For us now music and life is one and the same thing. At this point I cannot made the distinction between them.

Conversation taken and translated into English by :

Klime Matoski

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