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1. After the performance in Skopje , you've also performed in Ankara (Turkey) on 8.9.1998. What was the audience reaction ?

- We are very pleased with the performance in Ankara. It was challenging for us to see how will one Asian country (exactly Ankara is the only Asian city where the European culture has very big  influence) react on our music. The audience reaction was really great as usual for these kind of performance. We were also   pleased by the fact that the good part of the audience knew our music , especially the music from the soundtrack of the movie "Before the Rain".

2. Are you planning to perform somewhere soon ?

- On 24 December in Beograd and after the New Year in Trieste (Italy).

3. Did Libra Music released the album Nocturnal , 'cause Thirdear's release is just for Macedonian and ex-Yugoslavian distribution ?

  - No. I'm hoping they will release it before the end of 1998.

4. The soundtrack album of the film "Before the Rain" has brought you remarkable success. Are you planning to work on another soundtrack ?

  - We would love to. But we will work on these kind of projects only if somebody ask us to do it. I hope that in 1999 we will release our second soundtrack album.

5. You've performed a lot of concerts throughout Europe. Could you tell which one was your favorite ?

  - Perhaps , maybe the favorite performance for us all was in Trieste 1996 , but also the concerts in Stockholm and Belgium (on Sfinks Festival) are considered as one of our greatest.

6. Do you think that Anastasia is logical continuation of the project called Aporea , that you've formed together with Zoran Spasovski in 1987 ?

  - Aporea was nothing serious. We have no serious project or discographic releases from that period. That was just one experiment or small beginning which was followed by Anastasia.

7. During the recording of the album Nocturnal , you've worked with the producer Coti K. from Greece. Are you satisfied with his work , and are you planning to work with him again ?

  - Coti K. is really great producer , and a man close to our ideas and views of music. Everybody in Anastasia wishes to see him again on our next project , but everything depends of the conditions in which we would work.

8. You are well known as a leader of the Macedonian cult band Padot na Vizantija (The Fall of Bysantia) in the early 80-ties. With that bend you've brought a different sound which was something new , not just in Macedonia but in ex-Yugoslavia too. How did the admixtures of bysantian music (which you've used in creating the music) influenced you in your further music career ?

  - O.K. This question has its own answer , so I havent got anything else to say about that. In that period the bysantian concept was the answer to the West-European gothic concept which dominated in pop music. 

9. Which are the bands that made the biggest influence on you ?

  - It all depends of the time in which we live. For me personally the bands that had the biggest influence on me in the 80-ties were : Joy Division , Killing Joke , Echo & The Bunnymen and Nico , and now in 90-ties : Future Sound of London , Biosphere , Aphex Twin. Also I cannot forget my early influences like the Doors and maybe the greatest music band Pink Floyd especially in their early period.

10. What music equipment have you used in creation and live promotion of the latest album Nocturnal ?

  - That is , without any excuses mostly electronic equipment : samplers , synthesizers , acoustic sounds (but sampled) etc. On the live performance we play some of these acoustic instruments in "real time" , live and not sampled. The reason for that is 'cause we love to come to one degree of interactivity in music , so the live sound could variate from a concert to concert , depending of our mood.

11. Are you satisfied with the concert in Skopje on 1.10.1998 and are you planning to perform somewhere else in Macedonia ?

  - I can say that the concert in Skopje could be added to the list of my favorite Anastasia concerts , 'cause we were preparing it for a long time , and our impresions ,  looking now from a distance , are really great. We have big wish to perform at least 20 concerts in Macedonia , in all towns where there is a condition for that. This is our project for 1999 that we hope it will come true. 

Conversation taken and translated into English by :

Klime Matoski

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