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1. When was Anastasia formed ?

The band was  formed in 1990 , by Goran Trajkoski and Zoran Spasovski. Later on , in 1992 , Zlatko Origjanski joined the band also.

2. Where does the name Anastasia come from ?

In Greek language the word Anastasia means resurrection.

3. Which are the labels ?

The first Anastasia mini-album "Na Rjekah Vavilonskih" was released for the small indipendant label DOM from Nish (Yugoslavia) in 1990. In 1994 the Greek label "Poeta Negra" has re-released this mini-album. The same year , for the worldwide known and highly acclaimed label Polygram Records , they are releasing the soundtrack of the movie "Before the Rain" , which was also released for the label "Decca London Records". At the end of 1996 , the macedonian label "Third Ear Music" has released the EP "Face / Burn". The compilation of the early unrelaesed tracks , called Melourgia , was released for the Greek label "Libra Music". The album Nocturnal was released for "Thirdear Music" (Macedonia and the countries of ex-Yugoslavia) and "Libra Music" (rest of the world). 

4. When was the first Anastasia concert ?

The first Anastasia concert was in Skopje , on 18.1.1992. Anastasia line-up in 1992 was : Goran Trajkoski , Zoran Spasovski and Zlatko Origjanski , with guest musicians : Senko Velinov , Pavel Rendzov and Vladimir Kaevski Kiborg.

5. Does every Anastasia song is from the period after the formation of the band in 1990 ?

The earliest Anastasia songs are dating from 1987 , when after Goran Trajkoski and Zoran Spasovski are leaving the band Mizar and are forming a project called Aporea.Also , the song "At the restoraunt" from the soundtract of the movie "Before the Rain" , it is released earlier in the album of Zlatko Origjanski's band "Lola V. Stain" - Mansarda by the name "I have a shadow at night , I don't have a body at day"
6. Aporea
Aporea is project that was formed by Goran Trajkoski and Zoran Spasovski in 1987. Also , Aporea is project which gathers many people , artists afterall , with spiritual guiding of Father Metodij Zaltanov and Father Stefan Sandzakoski. A few fanzines have been made , and music has been created with traditional roots and macedonian orthodox church music. In this period (1987-1990), are created songs like: "Na Rjekah Vavilonskih" , "Samuilovite Slepci" , "Kjanija Agjamija" etc. They've never appeared live on stage , but they've created music for art exibitions , theatre plays etc. In 1990 they change their name to Anastasia.

7. Lola V. Stain

Lola V. Stain is the band formed in 1987. The name of this band has been taken after one of the Margaret Dirass's novel. The music orientation of this band is ambiental music , followed with admixtures of traditional macedonian ethno music. They've released two antology albums Ikona and Mansarda. In first period their line-up was : Zlatko Origjanski , Miroslav Spasov and Vinko Andonovski and in period of recording the first album Ikona : Zlatko Origjanski , Miroslav Spasov , Pece Atanasovski , Pavel Rendzov and Luigi Gados. Two years after this they release the second album Mansarda. On this album the guest musicians were : Beti Miceva , Cane Krstevski , Goran Trajkoski , Tanja Stankovic and Vladan Milenkovic. These two albums are released for the Croatian label : Blind Dog Records.

8. Goran Trajkoski

Goran Trajkoski is born in Struga in 1963. In 1979 he forms maybe the first macedonian punk orriented bands : "Efektiven Naboj" and "Filter". Later , until 1983 , he took part in the punk band called "Saraceni". The same year he forms the macedonian and ex-yugoslavian cult band "Padot na Vizantija". Unfortunately this bend has short history , and no discographic releases but the leading part in creating the macedonian and ex-yugoslavian underground scene. In period 1986-1987 , he joins in Mizar , which is also cult band in Macedonia and the countries of ex-Yugoslavia. In 1987 , together with Zoran Spasovski , he formes the project called Aporea. Three years after , Aporea changes the name to Anastasia. He is the lead singer in Anastasia , also he plays on kaval (flute) and synthesizers.

9. Zlatko Origjanski

Zlatko Orijanski is borned in Skopje in 1963. In the mid-eighties he forms the band called Gospodinot Otiden. Shortly after that , the band changes the name to Lola V. Stain. In this band Zlatko cooperates with lots of musicians. In 1992, after the split of Lola V. Stain , he joins Anastasia. In Anastasia he plays  tambura , guitar , kaval (flute) and syntesizers. 

10. Zoran Spasovski

Zoran Spasovski  is born in Skopje , in 1965. He joins the band Mizar in 1986. His part in creating the music of this band is remarkable , especially in writing songs for the first Mizar album , released 1988 , togeteher with Gorazd Chapovski , Goran Trajkoski and Goran Tanevski. In 1987 , togeteher with Goran Trajkoski , he forms the project called Aporea. He has graduated on Macedonian Music Academy , and he is the main "victim" for using the traditional macedonian rhymes in creating the music of Anastasia. In this band he plays drums , percussion and synthesizers. 

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